La Cinta, the perfect venue

Extreme Fun Games will be taking place on the beach of “La Cinta

Not only is “La Cinta” one of the most beautiful and renewed beaches in Sardinia, it is also the perfect venue to hold such an event.

With 3,2km of wide open beach, there is plenty of space for everyone to enjoy their sporting activity whatever it may be.

“La Cinta” has always been a central point in the water-sporting activities on the island of Sardinia. The panorama is just breathtaking, especially after the busy tourist season. During the summer months it has a dedicated Kite and Windsurf area enabling everyone to carry on enjoying the conditions the spot has to offer.

There are also two beach bars that offer amenities like bathrooms, showers and restoration.
During Extreme Fun Games, the beach will have added structures such as a stage for the judges and prize giving as well as evening entertainment. Stands will also be made available to Brands interested in sharing their latest products with the like minded public. The stands will not be selling directly but will make space for demoes and discussions of the latest gear available.

The organisers have committed themselves to an environmental friendly event choosing to also involve the Tavolara Marine Park. Every effort will be taken to ensure that all natural surroundings go undisturbed.

Competitors and visitors can expect to find, warm water, a dream like beach, top products on display, wind, friendly locals, good food and an awesome vibe.

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