Taming the Energy

To face the elements and harness the power of nature in a balancing act of power, balance and control.
Pushing your own limits to better enjoy all that nature has to offer in an act of complete symbiosis.
A Flexible event that molds’ itself to the weather conditions to reap the most fun possible for each individual sport.
Inspiring exhibitions from pros.

The games

Kitesurf, windsurf, Stand up Paddling…
The fun races will be programmed depending on conditions of wind and sea.
With pros also doing some exhibitions, an unforgettable show is guaranteed.

With more than 10 knots:

  • Long Distance Race – Kitesurf e Windsurf
  • Hang Time Contest – Kitesurf
  • Freestyle Fun Contest – Kitesurf e Windsurf
  • Pro Espression Session – Kitesurf e Windsurf

With less than 10 knots:

  • Long Distance Sup Race – Stand Up Paddle Surfing
  • Windsurf Fun Race – Windsurf
  • Kite Foil Race Contest – Kitesurf (Racing e Foil) Windsurf (Race)

Contest Organizer:

Contest Director: