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-1214 -16 -25 -5

Four consecutive days of beach, water, wind, sun, sport and fun in the awesome setting of La Cinta Beach in San Teodoro , Sardinia.
Brands, Intenational athletes, Amateurs, pros, interested public will be able to mingle in a dedicated expo village where the latest gear will be on display.
A perfect occasion for all water sports lovers to try out the latest gear and learn and share their passion with like-minded people and professionals.


An amazing setting for an international event

Within the protected marine park of Tavolara. The crystal waters and the white sand beaches of La Cinta, Lu Impostu and Barandinchi. Some of the best renowned beaches in Sardinia…. more

Passion and fun: a perfect mix

Sport, race, technique, adrenalin, passion all under the banner of fun. Evening entertainment, beach party, Live music… more

Taming the Energy

To face the elements and harness the power of nature in a balancing act of power, balance and control. Pushing your own limits to better enjoy all… more

A great display of brands within a natural setting

During the whole of Extreme Fun Games stands will be set up right on the beach where all the participating brands will be… more